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Chitu Okoli

BTM 382: Database Management


Classroom and times
  • JMSB Building room MB 5.245 (Computer lab)
  • Section AA: 5:45 to 8:15 pm Tuesdays
  • Section B: 10:15 to 1 pm Wednesdays
  • Tutorials: To be determined
Course websites
  1. The primary course website (here, no login required) is located at
  2. Piazza for announcements and discussion: You must check your e-mail registered with Piazza at least once every day. There are some useful guides available for how to make the most of Piazza.
  3. Moodle ( for gradebook, assignment submission, and lecture recordings


BTM 382 Database Management provides a comprehensive foundation for designing, building, and working with databases, enabling students to understand and use commercially available database products effectively. The course examines different models of representing data with emphasis on the relational model. Topics include data modeling, database design, queries, transaction management, implementation issues, and an overview of distributed database management systems, data warehouses, databases in electronic commerce, database administration, and knowledge management. Examples are drawn from various functional and operational areas including enterprise and supply chain operations, management, and planning.

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