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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 28, 2010 in Computers and the Internet

My smartphone – iPhone 3GS


What I like about my iPhone

I'll fill out this list eventually. I could list a lot of positive features, but many of these exist on other smartphones; they are not unique to the iPhone. The only things I'll list here are those that, from my understanding, are lacking in most other smartphones.

What I hate about my iPhone

Shackled to iTunes

In order to have almost any communications between the iPhone and a computer, you have to go through iTunes. This was my single greatest shocker after I bought my iPhone. I couldn't believe that I can't access a unified file system on the iPhone which all applications could access. This means that I can't just drag and drop MP3s, photos or ringtones onto the iPhone without going through iTunes. To make things worse, there is no iTunes for Linux. Thus, I am forced to boot into Windows in order to synchronize my iPhone with my computer. I hate this Apple limitation. For my past smartphones (all Palm-based), I wasn't forced to use their installer unless I wanted to, and the system was sufficiently open that there were Linux alternatives. At least now, Rhythmbox does provide some iPhone syncing, which I mainly use for MP3s.

There are other things that I hate about the iPhone, which I will fill out eventually.

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