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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 in Rivers of Living Water

Installing Bibles in PocketSword (iPhone)

There are many, many Bible reading apps in the App Store (and I’ve tried a lot of them), but my favourite by far is a free one called PocketSword. Just search for it in the App Store.

To load Bibles:

  • Click on the Bible tab in the bottom left corner.
  • Then click the Bible version button in the top right (I think the default is KJV or ESV); this takes you to the screen to choose Bible versions for display.
  • Next, click the + sign button on the top right corner to download new (free) Bible versions.
  • Choose the first source (CrossWire 1). The sources are collections of Bible resources; you can explore them later.
  • Choose the first option, “Bible texts” or something like that. (In my French iPhone, it reads “Textes bibliques”.
  • Choose the language you want, and then the Bible translation you want to download.
    • For English, I recommend: Recovery Version, ESV and LITV. These three are very literal translations (that is they try to be faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek) written in contemporary, readable English.
    • For French, I recommend: FreSegond, which is what most of the saints in the Recovery use for the Old Testament.
    • For Spanish, I have no recommendations, since I don’t know that world of Bible versions. However, it seems that most of the saints use SpaRV or SpaRVG2004, the Reina Valera version (kind of the Spanish equivalent of the KJV). Of course, once the Spanish Recovery Version Old Testament is published this year, saints in the Recovery will probably all switch to that.


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