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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Sep 13, 2008 in Rivers of Living Water

A normal life of enjoying the Lord

Today, I was really cherished by this portion from Messages Given to the Working Saints, by Witness Lee, chapter 4, page 41:

Afterwards in my studies, I came in contact with missionaries from whom I learned English and had more opportunity to know the Lord. After my graduation, the Lord caused my living to be not too poor nor too rich, but just right for serving the Lord. Because I knew English, I could know the Bible in a more convenient way, even making footnotes to the Bible, and expounding the truths. Nevertheless, I did not know English to the point that I could become an English professor or scholar. If I had pursued that, I would not have been able to concentrate on being the Lord’s worker. For the Lord’s sake, I have been in poverty, and I also have been in abundance. The Lord still caused me to be at peace. Speaking of earthly achievement, I do not possess anything today, and neither am I anything. I am just an ordinary person, preserved by the Lord and enjoying the genuine human life.

The Lord created and redeemed us, not for the purpose of making us someone special. What the Lord desires is that we live a proper and normal life, experiencing, enjoying, and expressing Him.

I was quite touched that in the work world where everything is geared towards being so ambitious and trying to be number one, we can be those content to just love the Lord and be happy to work a working life of enjoying Him. Of course, we should exercise to do excellent work, being faithful to our employers (just like Daniel was faithful in his service to the Babylonian and Medo-Persian governments), but we should labour at our jobs as those who know only to labour and who leave the results to the Lord. The point is not that we should not try to advance–the point is that we should be content simply with living in the Lord.

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