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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Oct 19, 2008 in Rivers of Living Water

The jubilee is only for captives

 Another point I enjoyed from our college meeting last night is that a brother pointed out that the jubilee is a Sabbath year. That means that even though the captives were returned to their land so that they could now labour on the land to produce fruit from it, in the year of their release they were forbidden to labour. God commanded blessing on the land so that it would produce freely from them. So, their only requirement was to return to the land to enjoy God’s bountiful blessing to them. This is similar to how God created man on the sixth day, but on seventh day (man’s first full day) God rested from His labour and brought man into His rest as the beginning of man’s daily life on the earth. (Of course, I’m not quite sure with how this fits with the fact that on the day God created Adam He did give him the task of naming the animals, which was no small labour in zoological taxonomy.)

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