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Chitu Okoli

Posted on May 31, 2010 in Rivers of Living Water

The Christian experience of Christ’s ascension

I’ve been enjoying recently the Christian experience of Christ’s ascension. I have appreciated for a long time that we experience the death of Christ when we experience His killing of our old man, our concepts, our opinions, our preferences, our self, our individualism, etc. I’ve appreciated that we experience His resurrection when we experience His giving us life when we feel dead and powerless, and overcoming our deadness, tiredness, oldness, and so on. However, only recently have I started to really appreciate that the normal Christian living is an experience of Christ’s ascension, where we are above all the earthly things that we face and that bother us from day to day (Eph 2:6). By setting our mind on the things above (Col 3:1-2), our minds constantly think about Christ, His love, His economy, those whom we need to pray for, our church life, and the eternal, real things. Thus, even when we face the everyday things of life, like traffic jams, missed alarms, rude customer service representatives, and so on, these things just don’t bother us. By setting our mind continuously on the things above, we live above these little things, and we respond to them in Christ and as Christ. This is a new vista in my Christian experience.

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