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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 in Rivers of Living Water

Six steps for experiencing God’s economy

Étapes numérotisées 1 à 6 en amont

Six steps. Courtesy of Holly Mathis

God’s economy consists of arriving at the point that we realize that we can’t do the good that the Lord wants us to do. As long as we believe we can make a strong effort to do good, we are outside of God’s economy. We could say that we have to pass by the following steps:

  1. We love God’s will and we agree to do it.
  2. We try our best and we fail, fail and fail again.
  3. At last, we realize deep down, truly, sincerely that we cannot accomplish God’s will, no matter how hard we try.
  4. We stop considering ourselves, and faith gradually rises up in our hearts: finally, we come to believe that even though we can’t do it, Christ is well able to do it in us.
  5. We say, “Amen, Lord, accomplish Your will in me.”
  6. Without knowing or understanding how, we can testify of the grace of Christ operating in our lives to do in us that which we could never do in a million years.

The greatest jump is to pass from #3 to #4. The secret of crossing this great step is to stop believing in ourselves. We must no longer believe in what we can do nor believe in what we cannot do. We must open our hearts to believe in God. The willingness is of Him; the ability to do what He wants in us is also of Him. We must simply remain open to His grace.

Cet article est traduit de l’original qui est en français.



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