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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 in Gospel and Truth

Recovery Version CrossWire Version

The CrossWire Bible SocietyThe Recovery Version (text-only) is now available on the CrossWire SWORD Project! This means that the text is now available for a variety of computer and mobile platforms.

For those familiar with the Recovery Version on iSilo, this CrossWire version has relative pros and cons:

  • Pros: The software it runs on is dedicated Bible software, and so it is much faster to get to the verse you’re looking for and to search the full text. Some software even includes Boolean searching within verses (that is, using AND and OR within a verse).
  • Cons: This version is text-only with no footnotes, outlines or cross-references, and no hyperlinks between verses. (The CrossWire platform does support footnotes and crossreferences, but Living Stream Ministry apparently hasn’t made this available yet.)

Thus, it doesn’t replace the iSilo version, but it provides a very useful supplement. There are versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and various mobile operating systems. For the mobile versions I personally know, I recommend And Bible for Android, PocketBible for iOS, and CrossConnect for Windows Phone.

Once the software is installed, you need to download the Recovery Version from within the software. Each application is different, but in general, you will go to “Download Bibles”, then look for English Bibles, then find the Recovery Version (it might be called something like “Text Only Recovery Version (no outlines) (RECVER)”.

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