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Chitu Okoli


At Concordia University, I currently teach:

  • BTM 382, Database Management
  • BTM 395, Internet Programming, on website development
  • COMM 226, Business Technology Management, about using computer technology in organizations.
  • DESC 384, Business Data Communications
  • DESC 391, Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, using Java
  • DESC 495, Information Systems Design and Implementation

At HEC Montréal, I taught:

  • 2-700-10, HEC’s equivalent of Concordia’s COMM 226.

At Louisiana State University (LSU), I taught:

  • ISDS 1100, a general introductory course to computers and basic office software, and
  • ISDS 3100, LSU’s equivalent of Concordia’s COMM 301.

In addition, I have produced the following teaching-related resource: