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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 in Rivers of Living Water

The harvest is white in Montreal, and the blending is so sweet!

Altogether, for various lengths of time (2 days to three weeks), we had 19 FTTA trainees from Canada and the US here with us (not counting myself and another one who just graduated). We’ve had another 10 to 15 other saints from out of town join us, mainly from the Vancouver and Toronto areas. In addition, of course, we had many local saints participating to various degrees as their work schedules permitted (several took days off and vacations so they could participate).

It’s been a glorious time of blending and building up. During the renovations on the meeting hall, we advanced work on our leaking roof, constructed rooms for children’s meetings, and renovated apartments for full-timers and the sisters’ house. The meeting hall is now much more fit for meetings, blending, and accommodations.

During the three days of Bible distribution, we passed out over 987 New Testaments, with a roughly 50-50 split between French and English. 26 or so new ones attended the seminar at the end (5 had previously attended the seminar we held in January), and we were all impressed by how hungry and seeking they were. One new sister immediately started meeting the next morning at the Lord’s Table, even though we made no invitation! The next Lord’s Day, two more contacts attended the meeting!

During the children’s camp, for five days we had 21 children pursue the book of Daniel with the topic of “A Young Man in God’s Plan”. The camp serving ones lived in the meeting hall with the kids the whole time. (Although I had to go to work during the day, I was with them from 6:30 pm to 9:30 am each day). It was a privilege serving the kids and helping them give themselves to God, according to their present level of human life.

It’s been such a blessing to have so much blending. We’re thoroughly exhausted, but very, very happy!

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