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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Dec 11, 2008 in Rivers of Living Water

Don’t be a hypocrite—be true to your spirit!

Although the popular saying goes, “Be true to yourself,” the Lord rather commands, “Deny your self!” My self, my soul-life, is not the real me; this is Satan’s nature manipulating the faculties of my soul. The real me is Christ in my spirit expressing Himself through my crucified and resurrected soul. In the scenario of greeting someone I don’t like, my not liking that person is something in my emotions. But my spirit, one with God, loves that person! Thus, I can reject my Satanic emotions, turn to my spirit, and sincerely greet this person with love. In the case of the question, “How are you?”, I do not have to reply, “Fine,” which would probably be understood as meaning that my soul feels fine—which is not the case—but I can answer something true according to my spirit. I can never predict what exactly the Lord might speak out from my spirit in a hypothetical situation (Mat 10:20—it is His instant speaking, not my ethical imagination), but it might be something about the joy and peace in my spirit despite the outward circumstances.

To speak out from my spirit is no hypocrisy. My true self is not my soul-life; it is my inner man, my spirit one with God expressing God through my transformed soul. The hypocrisy is actually to ignore my spirit and to act according to my soul-life. Whether I act with social nicety, or I act according to my emotional feeling or to my mental reasoning, anything that is not out from my spirit is hypocrisy—it is all out from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Only my spirit is life, according to the tree of life. Thus, I should not be true to my self, to my soul life; rather, I must deny my self and be true to my spirit!



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