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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Sep 8, 2008 in Rivers of Living Water

Butter and honey

Praise the Lord for His grace day by day. I’ve been musing for a long time over Isa 7:14-15, concerning enjoying the Lord as the heavenly butter and the heavenly honey, our rich grace and sweet love that empower us to choose the good and refuse the evil. In brother Nee’s article (Collected Works of Watchman Nee, volume 17, pp. 111-120), it seems that all the examples he gave were of Jesus rejecting standing upon His uplifted position as the Son of God, choosing rather to stand on His lowly position as the Son of Man.

I read today in the Recovery Version footnotes for Isa 14:13 and Ezk 28:13 that Satan was appointed a king and priest to serve God, but because of pride he aspired to be higher than what God had given him. I realize that I so often have dreams and ambitions to be or do something great in the Body, but this is just the manifestation of Satan in me. We all have this disease, due to our birth into fallen humanity. But praise the Lord! We also have the life of the Slave of God, the only man who was able to reject the temptation for position, even though it was so accessible to Him. How did He reject this temptation? He ate the Father each day as the sweetest love and the richest grace. He that eats Me will live because of Me. This is our only hope in being saved from our pride and ambition, that cause us to be castaways from the genuine Body-life and from the kingdom reality and future reward. God is faithful to supply us with butter and honey; may we be faithful to daily eat of Him as such!

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