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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Christian songs

Till I’m filled with you

Tune: I want to praise you, Lord, much more than I do by Randy Thomas and Sam Scott

I want to eat you, Lord, till I’m filled with you
I take you into me, as on your word I chew
Each word out from your heart will full grace and strength impart
You are my real food


You are to me all my supply
Over and o’er you truly satisfy
I need you, Lord, I cannot live without you, Lord

I want to drink you, Lord, till I’m filled with you
You are a spring within that waters me anew
Dear Love who loved me first, how you satisfy my thirst
You are my real drink

I want to breathe you in, till I’m filled with you
And breathe out all the dark and dead things that I do
I call your precious name and I’m fresh and new again
You are my real breath

I want to live you, Lord, till I’m just like you
For I have died with you, and risen with you, too
You’re all the world to me, you’re my one reality
You are my real life


You are my life supply

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