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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Christian songs

The Jerusalem that is above

(Tune: What made you, Lord, to die for me? You died for me, your enemy. Tune is © Living Stream Ministry)

A stream out from the tree of life
Flows, searching for a city-wife.
Along the banks are onyx stone,
Gold and bdellium—good for building, but scattered alone.

With such approbation, behold Your creation,
But there You find no counterpart.
Jerusalem alone, built from Your flesh and bone,
Can ever satisfy Your heart.

While Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Sojourned by faith, no map but God,
Living in tents in strangers’ lands,
They were longing for a city that’s built without hands.

Buried in Machpelah, they died but never saw
The promise that still comforts them.
God’s not ashamed being their God of the living—
For them He’s built Jerusalem.

King David seized Zion’s stronghold
To rest the Ark where God foretold.
Although a man who sought God’s heart,
David needed God’s seedin him for building to start.

Failure and repentance married God’s forgiveness;
Thus was God’s grace conceived in him.
Beloved Solomon, God’s son from this union,
Will build the walls of Jerus’lem.

Oh, how I’ve longed to brood o’er you,
But you would not! What can I do
But hand you o’er to ravishers
Who enslave you, cruelly burning you down to cinders?

Oh, how it breaks My heart My own dear love to hurt!
My tear-stained eyes long for you still.
If come a dark day when I forget Jerus’lem,
May my right hand forget its skill!

When our exile’s last day had come,
As those who dream, we floated home.
We wept for joy and sang that day,
But the city, razed and battered, in sad ruins lay.

In heaven is My seat; on earth I lay My feet;
But where can I find My true rest?
I’ll never end My search until I’ve built My Church—
Jerusalem, I’ll gain you yet!

He gave Himself for Jerus’lem—
His own Body, she’s part of Him.
He nourishes and cherishes,
Building her with gold and silver and stones so precious.

What love He has for you! How tenderly He woos
Your heart with sanctifying words!
He’s worthy of your trust, faithful and true, so just
Own Him your Head—your Lover-Lord.

Jerusalem, you’re heavenly,
Robed with the sun, the moon beneath,
A twelve-star crown your beauty frames.
But, dear mother, you are crying in hard labour pains.

You need not weep, My love; your barren days are done—
Zion, your son, in you is formed.
Boasting the Lamb’s shed blood, losing their souls for God,
The red dragon they overcome.

Hallelujah! for now has come
The wedding of the conquering Lamb.
His wife has clothed herself in Him—
Fine white linen, gold embroidered, so bright, pure and clean.

Jerusalem’s armies follow her King of kings
To judge rebellion and wage war.
The father of all liars’s cast in the lake of fire.
The kingdom’s come, hallelujah!

Down from heaven behold her come
In jasper gown, same as her Groom.
As tree of life, she’s fed on Him,
Fully built with gold, pearl, gemstones—the goal of the stream.

The Spirit and His bride at last are satisfied—
He dwells in her and she in Him.
Come quickly, Lord Jesus; perfect Your love in us—
Marry your new Jerusalem!
Come quickly, Lord Jesus; perfect Your love in us—
Marry your new Jerusalem!

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