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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Christian songs

If I gained the world but lost the kingdom

Tune: If I gained the world but lost the Savior; LSM Hymns, #1079, new tune

If I gained the world but lost the kingdom
What a double loser I would be,
Gaining this world’s riches and men’s honour,
But with it this world’s anxiety.
Then the age will turn to the millennium,
Though my heart had wished for its delay;
I would weep with deep regret so bitter,
Until I in Christ my treasure lay.

If I gained a family so perfect,
Caring only for my kids and spouse,
Happy married life as my own cottage,
Then I’d dwell outside my Father’s house.
I might gain today my ideal marriage
And my dreams for them, my kids become,
Only in the kingdom then to lose them
And be locked out when my Bridegroom comes.

If I gained the first place in my church life,
Pressing forth to someone great become,
My reward is just religious praises
If He count me last in His kingdom.
I might speak so well and be prevailing,
But what gain to me would all that be
If my Lord then says, “I never knew you;
Lawless worker, now depart from Me”?

O the joy to be a double winner,
Gaining Christ now and millennially,
Knowing Him as my only Beloved,
With God’s children as my family!
O the joy of being simply nothing,
But to love the church He holds so dear!
All is mine today if I have Jesus;
All will be mine for a thousand years!
(Repeat last two lines)