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Chitu Okoli

Posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Christian songs

I might fail, but I will never be forsaken

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Here’s a video performance by a sister on YouTube:


I can’t believe it, that I could fall so low
In spite of all I know, despite how much I’ve grown
My Lord, I have not one excuse to give
Dare I ever look You in the face again?

Softly You whisper, “Why are you so amazed
To now discover what I always knew of you?”
I thank You, Lord, for bringing me to know
That I’m truly nothing, Lord, apart from You


I might fail … I will surely fail
As my self is exposed and stripped away
But never will I be forsaken
For though I fall, Your mercy’s ever new
And Your loving grace will lift my head again

Jesus I love You; Your blood yet speaks for me
I am a sinner, but a sinner now redeemed
So now I turn my eyes from me to You
And Your grace will surely save me to the end

Chorus (2x)

Guitar chords

Capo on 1

The main chords are:

Verse: C (Em) Am F G C Dm

Chorus: F Dm G C C7 Am Em

Source: YouTube

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